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Book Selection


These books were chosen for their ability to make readers feel as if they were part of the adventures depicted. Each book was read by at least one child or teenager interested in the genre. If they decided it was a 'good' book, I read it as well.


The age ranges given are those for reading ability, not content. For parents, please be aware that the content of books for middle graders and teens has changed greatly over the past years. Many books have more adult language and situations than in the past. If you are concerned about this, I encourage you to read these books yourself.


If you have a book you would like to recommend, please contact me at deegarretson at gmail.com. Because of my own budget constraints, the book needs to be available at my local library or you need to send me a copy. Ebooks are fine as long as I can put them on my Nook, but the book itself also has to be available in paperback or hardcover. I don't feel like I can recommend just ebooks at this point, because so many young readers don't yet have access to ereaders.

I can't guarantee I will include a book once I've read it. About a third of the adventure books I read don't make it onto the site. Part of it is subjective- sometimes books just strike a wrong note with me or try too hard to send a message. Other times they are poorly written or full of mistakes in grammar and punctuation.


“I often feel sorry for people who don't read good books;
they are missing a chance to lead an extra life.”
~ Scott Corbett ~

"Some books leave us free and
some books make us free."
Ralph Waldo Emerson



Reluctant Readers

Many of these books will appeal to reluctant readers, including children and teens who read well, but show little interest in reading, or those who cannot read at the level of their peers, and so choose not to read.

Find more information about reluctant readers.


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